Monday, June 14, 2010


Actually this is not wholly about Eiffel.
A friend was in Paris and it reminds me to a movie yang berlatar belakangkan Eiffel tower;)
I watched it like 3.5 years ago..(perhaps)
Can't deny it anymore, from the screen's view, it's a very wonderful place.
I just love thousands of light!!
As far as I concern, it's one of the most romantic place in the world.
Well, I bet paradise would be even infinitely greater than that!

I'm currently in Wangsa Maju, staying with my father, and babysitting my "baby tua" - an 8-year-old baby.
I didn't do that much work (as in household work), but it's still tiring taking care of
this 'quite naughty' 8-year-old girl and cooking simple dishes.
My little sister is quite fussy when it comes to eating meals..
(Yang ni tak mau, yang tu tak mau..until I have no idea what to cook..then I have to repeat cooking the same menu again and again).
If mak is here, for sure she'll be given a long yet 'sweet' speech from mak...[serve your right cik ;p] -kena paksa makan jugak-jugak dengan mak.."jangan ngada-ngada ok! blabla bla bla.."

Today, I skipped giving bath to her ..*kuang..kuang..kuang, bangun lewat lagi...Kak Ana tak larat k bila dah sampai tengah hari..*
..But if mak knows this, of course it will be my turn to listen to mak's speech...
Mom won't allow cik taking her bath tengah-tengah hari + mandi sendiri..
If so, she will easily fall sick.

Have been here a week...
Surely, life is getting harder without mom..
(Sebab cik tak takut Hana marah tapi takut bila mak yang marah,
sebab kalau mak ada...lagi sedap masakan mak..
kalau mak ada, mak lebih tau berbelanja + budget berapa banyak food nak beli,
kalau mak ada, boleh tumpangkan Hana ke JJ untuk beli food..Now I have to walk ok..
Walking here isn't like walking in Palmy..It's hot :p)

Report in person.
Alhamdulillah...It has been settled last week,
(as it's my main purpose to stay here..even though I have to skip the feasts in Perlis :((
dah lama tak makan kenduri...)
I know KPM scholarship division dah moved out from Putrajaya,
but I didn't get the new address. (Actually, I didn't try to get that new address).
The only possible person to contact is Pn. Arniza..but it's so malas la to ring her up..
Sebab I know she's pregnant...Afraid that will disturb her..

It was raining heavily on my way to Putrajaya...
As expected, the person at the counter told me that the division has been relocated
to Cyberjaya and he gave me the new address...
Again, we started our 'journey' to Cyberjaya...It took nearly an hour to find the exact place..
(Lain kali, you should put "Bangunan Mustapha Kamal ok..)
Dah la bahagian tajaan tak sebumbung dengan KPM...It makes the journey harder..:(
Fortunately, my prayer granted...(Ya, Allah..permudahkanlah urusanku..)
Even though it was 5.30 dah, MOE's rep was still there..
Now I have about 1 and a half month before KPLI starts..
And I'm quite "kalut" thinking what to do within this remaining time..
Buku tak habis baca, driving license belum ambik, belajar masak pun gitu-gitu je,
should I review my brother's add maths revision book?? Should I??

Kita merancang, Allah yang tentukan...
At least, Ive been spending some times with my family, before going to the work field,
before entering a new world...Thank you Allah for everything You have given to me..
Even though mine isn't that perfect, but the imperfections teach me to be stronger..
Thank you Allah...I love You.

Wassalam :))

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