Saturday, October 3, 2009


When you were so kind and sweet,
I kept myself away from u,
I knew the signals,
but I pretended seems I didn't;
cold and chill;
those were what I chose to be,
Because I did not want to fall into the same hole again;

It's not the sweetness that I'm seeking for,
it's the sincerity that I'm looking for.

A sincere heart-is something that I can't see,
but something that I can feel.
It's full with patience and passion,
not only the sweet promises and cliche.

And now when you have found what you are looking for,
I'm still with my own way,
it won't change anything,
and the story ends here =)


fairuzsallehuddin said...

i like this

zuema said...

story apa hana?

twin sisters (Hana Hani) said...

thank u if it's a compliment ;)

ala, d story ends here, and can't be "re opened" ..=p

it's just a story of someone , staying somewhere on this sickening earth ;)