Friday, August 13, 2010

My sisters, I love you.


Farhana Azizan I expect semua maktab macam Maktab Perlis :(( Nak balik :((

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    • Farhani Azizan COME ON. Jgn buat perangai budak2 boley tak?
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    • Nurul Yusma Hanim Ahmad
      all maktab are the same, i guess. being sponsored and bonded by anybody has advantages and disadvantages. one of the disadvantages is u cannot run away if u dont like the system. by hook or by crook u have to follow them even though some of... them do not make sense!.

      our lives in NZ such a wonderful memory to be remembered. there must be a reason why Allah sent us to maktab, undergoing all this 'meaningful' life.

      take care my dear. have faith in whatever u do, be strong.miss u heaps!

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    • Elun Hanaffi jangan mudah wenli said, its not easy to be a good teacher. its long,and not that easy road. yet, remember, we want to educate children. do not compare our life in NZ with in maktab. we are LUCKY enough coz at least we got the chance to live 4 years in that heavenly country. once you guys da sampai tempat macam akak, korang akan rasa kemanisan and kenikmatannye insyaAllah. just bersabar ok :)
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    • Farhana Azizan Thanks a lot for the support and advices sisters...this life reflects my hostel life years ago, and after 5 months staying at home, i think i'm facing a deep feeling - homesick
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    • Farhani Azizan
      u r comparing maktab perlis yg baru dibina dgn maktab lain yg agak old fashion, sistem sama gak kan?. u never know how worst living in here, especially when u have to face with the unorganized system+corruption that u have no power to chang...e them, not like our country. We really have to learn to accept everything without complaining, bcoz we are sponsored and 'bonded' by the gomen and the campus itself. If we try to fight with the system, jgn harap boleh berjaya. No special treatment given to us eventhough we are foreigners/their guests. And thats why we have to undergo a very loooong journey here, sumtimes rasa nak masuk wad sakit jiwa dgn sistem di sini, n thats why i prefer just to keep silent, . Lecturers always say, theres no easy way out to be a doctor, same as teacher. Kawan2 je yg akan paham. Kita kena sentiasa bersedia terima perubahan, dari satu sistem ke sistem lain, dari satu suasana ke suasana lain, dari satu alam ke alam lain. Dlm psikologi cakap, dalam setiap fase hidup, kita ada tanggungjawab yg perlu diselesaikan, supaya kita lebih mudah sesuaikan diri dgn fase hidup selepas tu. fase=phase.
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    • Elun Hanaffi
      dun worry hana,
      i felt homesick until the final week staying in maktab
      how was that?
      you will be fine my dear
      ...just fine
      insyaAllah :)


Ok, this time I'm not talking about my twin, Hani.
But it's about my two sisters, both of them are currently in Johor.
They are not my sisters kandung, but I love to call them sisters.

I love them.
Dari dulu, waktu zaman saya masih 'berhingus' tahun pertama di Palmy NZ,
sampai lah sekarang...They keep giving support and advices.
They never stop.
They are people with tough hearts.
I miss both of you, Kak Ilun & K.Yusma.

Yes, I think it's not wise to complaint this and that.
Bukannya tak pernah hidup susah.
Pernah je, but...maybe 5 month-duration at home before I came, was too comfortable for me.

Even Ayu, a year younger than me looks far more mature
when she wrote on ym "OK la tu daripada takda (tempat tidur)".
After I told her that we have to stay in bilik TV.

Come on Hana, I think I seek to be pampered with comfortness kot.
That's why lah 'ter'express kejap ketidakpuasan hati itu.

I miss you..Kak Nad, Kak Nabil, Kak Hani.
Walaupun jarang contact with the three of you,
but your kindness still sangat terngiang-ngiang in my mind.

My first year in Palmy is now a memory, and it's one of the sweetest memories.



Anonymous said...

salam Hana,

"jauh di mata tetapi dekat di hati"

moga ukhuwah yang terbina menyatukan hati2 kita seua buat selamanya, ameen.

im always there for u, insha Allah.

miss the moment i always go to see u and shared some stories about myself (where not all people got chance to listen those stories..^^)

i believe that after this there are lots of interesting stories i wanna share with u...just have no chance to share with u now.just cant wait to see u ^^

sayang kamu, fillah insha Allah :)
doaku mengiringi perjuanganmu di sana.tabahkan hati. hasbunallah wa ni'mal waakil

-miss yusma-

nur said...

miss you too dear:)